Visible – Women with Disabilities (May – July 2013)

Category: Projects

The project was implemented with the aim of making visible different forms of violence against women with disabilities.

As part of the project, educational workshops were organized on the topic of gender-based violence against women with disabilities.

The workshops were held in Zrenjanin and Subotica, in successful cooperation with the Banat Association of Paraplegics and the Municipal Association of Paraplegics from Subotica. The thematic concept included gender and disability, the cycle of violence and support systems for getting out of a situation of violence.

Workshops were evaluated as very useful by the participants, for whom this type of training is one of the few opportunities to get out of traditional support systems that are mostly limited to practical functioning in everyday life. The workshops resulted in the uncovering of hitherto unknown mechanisms of discrimination. The project was supported by the Ecumenical Women’s Initiative from Croatia.

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