Disability Portal Journalist Awarded Equality Flower

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The Equality Flower Award is for media coverage of disability issues, promoting the activities, rights and achievements of persons with disabilities, published in print, electronic or online media of national, regional and local importance.

The Equality Flower Award promotes the social model of disability and activism of persons with disabilities, promoting their potential, achievements, rights, inclusive approach and creativity.

At this year’s competition, Equality Flower, announce for the fourth year in a row by the Association of Dystrophics of the Zlatibor District of Uzice, text by Marijana Canak, On the sexual development of young women with disabilities in Serbia – From personal experience, was declared the best on the Internet.

This text contains topics that are rarely discussed, and is an important issue for all women living with some form of disability. In a completely open manner, they discuss their sexual development, thus opening up new questions, deleting taboo topics and pushing boundaries. It is also interesting that this text promoted a person who is a “living book”, thus introducing to the readers the form of communication with persons from marginalized groups who are ready to answer any questions and bring them closer to those who are interested. In this way, in direct contact, we fight against prejudice together, gaining understanding and mutual respect – the jury’s reasoning stated.

The overall winner is Natalija Vidic, a RTS journalist from Uzice, with a television reportage from the Game for Children with Autism.

The awards were presented on March 18, at the Uzice City Cultural Center, at the end of the Kikini Days event, which cherishes the memory of Tijana Petrovic Kika (1985 – 2013), a longtime spokeswoman for the Association and an activist in the fight for the rights of persons with disabilities.

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