TV Info Plus Vranje – film projection

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TV Info Plus Vranje reported about a film projection Human Rights Committee Vranje on September 23rd, 2020. The film is about the most common obstacles and challenges people with disabilities face.

The Organization for supporting women with disabilities …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA and Human Rights Committee Vranje, supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is fulfilling the project – Building capacities and advocating for sexual and reproductive rights of women with disabilities. They launched the project in five municipalities in Serbia: Kragujevac, Raska, Temerin, Uzice, Vranje and Valjevo. It lasts from April to November 2020.

Besides the Human Rights Committee Vranje, members of numerous persons with disabilities associations, representatives of Vranje Municipality, Health Center Vranje, Basic Court Vranje, Social Welfare and other relevant institutions significant for people with disabilities were at the projection of the movie.

TV Info Plus Vranje – film projection

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