…IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA at the congress OPENS FundCon 2021

A consultant on the SOS phone line Organization …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA, Miladinka Mijatovic, participates at the OPENS FundCon 2021 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fundraising congress.

Ministry of Youth and Sport supported the congress held on Zlatibor in Student Vacation Centre Ratko Mitrovic on October 28-30.2021.

Representatives of civil society organizations and institutions that work with and for young people were at the congress.

The participants mastered practical skills they would use in the organizations and institutions, particularly fundraising for programs they carry out and especially in the field of fundraising for the programs they implement.

Topics discussed at the congress were Erasmus+ youth programme, motivation and setting boundaries in work, agile development and methodologies, studying and personal development, digital tools for the development of nonprofit initiatives and good practice examples in organizing marketing campaigns aimed at prevention and protection of women victims of violence and human trafficking.

– Participating at the congress gives a chance for adopting new practical strategies that would contribute to making new ideas and programmes for young women with disabilities. For the nonprofit sector, it is substantial to work on expanding the capacities of the personnel for fundraising, writing project assignments, marketing and human resource conducting – said Miladinka Mijatovic.

Speakers at the congress were: Petar Kecman, Tempus Foundation; Milica Novkov and Milica Pajic, Tim Center; Vukasin Grozdanovic, the coordinator of OPENS; Nikola Ilic, Agile Humans; Jugoslav Krstic, Coaching Center; Ana Stanic, VIGA LLC; Vanesa Musovic, anthropologist; Dimitrije Tadic, Desk Creative Europe; Milena Milicevic, Innovation Attitude Center; Svetlana Copic, NO Agency; Sanja Pavlovic, Autonomous Women’s Center and Hristina Piskulidis, Organization Astra.

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