A Meeting of the Sazvezdje podrske in IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA

Members of the Sazvezdje podrske (Constellation of Support) held a meeting at the Organization for supporting women with disabilities IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA on May 26, 2022.

Sazvezdje podrske is an informal network of 14 organizations and institutions from Novi Sad, that work on enhancing the mental health of young people, by providing psychosocial support free of charge. Members of the network Sazvezdje podrske are: The organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA, Novi Sad Humanitarian Center – NSHC, Youth JAZAS Novi Sad, Psychological Center for Mental Health in the Community – MentalHub, Counseling Office – Activ NS, the Organization XY Spectrum, Citizen’s Association Patrija, EDIT Center, Center for Providing Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention Srce, Group IZADJI, SOS Women’s Center and Association of Psychologist Serbia- Branch South Backa and The Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina.

The meeting aimed to connect and establish cooperation between the members of the network Sazvezdje podrske and the Department for Children’s and Adolescents’ Psychiatry of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, which provides psychosocial support to young people in the field of mental health. Jelena Amidzic attended the meeting on behalf of the Department.

Jelena Amidzic acquainted the participants of the meeting with the structure of the Department, the problems of young people with mental health and resources for providing psychosocial support to young people and empowering their families. Members of the Sazvezdje podrske presented their work in the mental health of the young field, the capacities of their associations and the biggest challenges in working with the young.

Members of the Sazvezdje podrske suggested a few possibilities for cooperation with the Department for Children’s and Adolescents’ Psychiatry: setting up workshops with the young in a therapy, referral of young people with behavioral disorders to the services of Sazvezdje podrske members and including the young that went through psychiatric treatment into volunteer and other activities in order to integrate them.

Representatives of the following citizens‘ associations participated in the meeting (Ivana Zelic and Miladinka Mijatovic, Organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA; Dance Radosevic, Novi Sad Humanitarian Center – NSHC; Teodora Djokic, Srce Center; Milana Katasic, EDIT Center; Ivana Volf, Group Izadji; Milana Bozulic, JAZAS youth Novi Sad; Slavica Ranisavljev Kovacev, OPENS) and the representatives of the health institutions (Jelena Amidzic, Clinical Center Vojvodina, Psychiatric Clinic, Department for Children’s and Adolescent Psychiatry). Bojana Peric Prkosovacki acted as a moderator and a supervisor of the meeting.

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