…IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA at the masterclass YOU Make a Good Movie about a Woman with Disability

On October 2, 2021. at American Corner in Novi Sad, Ivana Zelic, a coordinator of the SOS service of …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA held a workshop at the master class YOU Make a Good Movie about a Woman with Disability. The master class is within Catch the Film Festival, realized by Creative Affirmative Organization Parnas.

The master class provided a basic knowledge of the position of women with disabilities, unmasked stereotypes and prejudice and changed the image of women with disabilities in film production. It was intended for everyone in the film industry, students of directing and producing, directors, producers, screenwriters and people from media that often make documentaries about women with disabilities.

Ivana Zelic spoke about: discrimination and violence against women with disabilities, types of violence, stereotypes, prejudice, principles in working with women with disabilities that survived violence, references for talking with women with disabilities (physical, sensory and intellectual), media reporting about violence against women, and appropriate terminology.

Ivana Zelic and workshop participants

– To make a good film about a woman with a disability, the participants must have the essential knowledge about disabilities, terminology, disability models, but also about violence against women and discrimination. That way they will avoid the stereotyped presentation of women with disabilities as passive and dependent – said Ivana Zelic.

Ivana Zelic showed a movie Support to Women with Disabilities Survivors of Violence, to present specific types of violence against women with disabilities.

Ministry of Culture and Media, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, City Administration of Culture of Novi Sad, Secretary of Culture of Vojvodina, Erste Bank and Film Center of Serbia supported the Catch the Film festival this year. 

Photo: Maja Tomic

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