RTV Vojvodina about Scheduling Gynecological Examinations

Radio-Television of Vojvodina on March 29, 2022. the broadcast an article on the show Razglednice about the Organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA which organizes specialist gynecological examinations for women with disabilities from the territory of the city of Novi Sad. Women with disabilities are provided with transport from home to the health center if needed.

The check-ups are scheduled exclusively through the Organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA every workday from 9.00 to 16.00 on numbers 021 447 040; 066 447 040 or by e-mail office@izkrugavojvodina.org. 

Don’t forget how important it is to go for regular specialist gynecological examinations because they are the best way to detect some cancerous diseases at their earliest stage and then successfully treat them. 

Ivana Zelic spoke for RTV Vojvodina.

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