…Iz Kruga – Vojvodina published Quarantine Notes

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With the support of Mama Cash and Wome’s fund Reconstuction, …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA published the publication Quarantine Notes edited by Svjetlana Timotic and Marijana Canak.

After the state of emergency in Serbia was declared on March 15, 2020, we found important that there is a virtual space contributing to the visibility of women with disabilities and showing diverse experiences, because the pandemic does not affect everyone equally. That was the reason why we launched an instant section Quarantine Notes on the Disability Portal, within which we published personal experiences of women with disabilities, their authentic testimonies about everyday life during the pandemic, current challenges and points of support they find in the new situation.

Disability Portal journalist Marijana Canak asked women with disabilities
what their daily life looks like during the state of emergency. What they go through from morning to evening, what activities keep them busy, what they talk about with themselves or other members of the household, what changed in their daily routine, what their greatest obstacles under the new circumstances are and how they overcome them, what aspects of their character help them or make it more difficult to cope with the situation, what their sources of support are, if there is a good side to what is going on, what new things they have discovered about themselves during the state of emergency, how isolation affects their relations with others, what makes them angry, are their days in isolation too long or too short, what is the first thing they will do when this is over…

The women with disabilities who shared their experiences in the Quarantine Notes said that it was important to them that their voice be heard, and the readers of the Disability Portal experienced their testimonies as mutual encouragement. That is why we decided to make their stories available to the public in the form of a publication too.

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