Women changing reality: Interview with Novi Sad women’s rights activists

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Disability is an aspect of identity that has a significant impact on a woman’s life experience, but the authenticity of her experience is clouded by centuries-old assumptions, stereotypical understandings, irrational fears and stigmatization – both disability and gender. Women with disabilities are most often written by others, and their stories end up in the extreme, moving from marginalization to heroization and back. Without respect for the diversity of their characters, the background of apparent admiration is often mere pity that undermines the contributions of women with disabilities. That is why it is important to decode, record and remember the history of activism of women with disabilities.

Interview with Novi Sad activists for the rights of persons with disabilities was held on Monday, December 2, 2019, at the cultural station of Egysg. The event was realized in cooperation with Novi Sad 2021 within the framework of the Superpowered  program, which is part of the platform Other Europe.

The interview was attended by: Svetlana Timotic, Executive Director of the Organization for Support of Women with Disabilities … IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA, Marija Vrebalov, Interior Design Designer on the Principles of Feng Shui and Councilor of the Novi Sad City Assembly, at the Disability Council of the Democratic Party; Tatjana Stojsic Petkovic, Psychologist and Laughing Yoga Leader; Tanja Djuric Josic, professor of philosophy, drama teacher and actress. The talk was moderated by Bojan Krivokapic.

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