IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA participated in the presentation of The Independent Report

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The representative of …IZ KRUGA -VOJVODINA, Svjetlana Timotic, participated in the presentation of the Independent Report of Network SOS Vojvodina on the implementation of priority recommendations from the CEDAW Committee to the Republic of Serbia for the period 2019-2021. prepared by the group of organizations and independent experts gathered around the initiative of Network SOS Vojvodina.

The Independent Report represents key findings on monitoring the implementation of the CEDAW Committee recommendations directed to the Republic of Serbia 2019. Experts that participated in preparing the report gave a short overview and estimation of their state.

Nevena Petrusic and Marija Pajvancic on Recommendation No. 12 (a): Adoption of changes and amendments to the Law on the prohibition of discrimination, Milan Aleksic, Slobodan Josimovic and Ivan Radin on Recommendation No. 26 (a): The State should abolish article 16 of the Law on public order and peace and ensure that women who engage in prostitution should not be criminalized by laws and to provide exit programs and alternative possibilities for women who wishes to leave from prostitution, Sofija Mandic and Marija Babovic on Recommendation No. 48 (d): Suppression of discrimination in relation to property and inheritance, equalize marriage and partnership in relation to property and inheritance rights, achieving rights to joint ownership and establishing a system of joint registration of property, Svjetlana Timotic, Danica Todorov and Jasna Pantic on Recommendation No. 44: Elimination of multiple and interconnected forms of discrimination, experienced by vulnerable group of women, ensuring at the same time their economic empowerment.

Svjetlana Timotic, on behalf of the Organization …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA spoke about the importance of improving the position of women with disabilities. She pointed out that the Strategy for Improving the Position of Persons with Disabilities in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2020-2024. recognizes that women with disabilities are at risk of multiple discrimination, that they are invisible in the public sphere, that they do not participate sufficiently in public and political life, that they face difficulties in exercising their rights, and are exposed to gender-based violence.

– Inability to provide information in accessible formats, low availability and inadequate accessibility and unsatisfactory quality of various support services such as personal assistance and home help, are further exacerbated in a pandemic and women with disabilities are at a significant disadvantage. The availability of support services, adequate health care, access to education and employment has significantly deteriorated compared to the pre-pandemic period. The coverage of unemployed women with disabilities with active employment policy, measured in 2020. compared to 2019. is more than 50% lower. Women with disabilities accommodated in the residential institutions are in a particularly bad position. Due to long-term isolation, they are additionally exposed to health risks and a decline in the quality of life in every sense – said Svjetlana Timotic.

The online presentation of the Independent Report was organized by the Platform of Organizations for Cooperation with UN Human Rights Mechanisms with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia on November 3, 2021.

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