Info Center Provided 64 Services in the Third Trimester of 2022.

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Info Center of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA provides accurate and timely information to persons with disabilities, members of their families and the interested public about the rights, services and support ministrations from the disability domain. The associates delivered 64 services from July 1 to September 30, 2022.

In this quarter 19 women were beneficiaries of the Info Center, of these 13 women converted for the first time (10 without a disability, 5 with a physical disability, and 4 with sensory, mental and combined disability and rare disease) and 6 men – 5 of them were converted for the first time (3 with a physical disability, 1 with a sensory disability and 2 without disability). IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA is a women’s organization and for this reason it is more recognized among women with disabilities. However, calls from men and women without a disability that address the Info Center to get information about the rights of their parents, children or other family members with disabilities are not rare.

During this period the associates of the Info Center provided the most information (34) about the rights from the domain of health protection (scheduling preventive gynecological examinations for women with disabilities, giving information about the right to maternity leave), followed by social welfare (getting personal assistance), pension-disability insurance (providing information about the veteran rights, employment conditions for persons with disabilities and the criteria for work-ability index) and labor relations (information about benefits for employers when employing persons with disabilities, termination of employment and the right to annual leave during maternity leave). In addition to information services 16 referral services were provided to other establishments, institutions, organizations and support services(Health Center, Women’s Safe House, The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Sazvezdje podrske (Constellation of support), The National Organization of Persons with Disabilities, SOS Women’s Center, Ziveti uspravno (Live upright), The Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Novi Sad, other NGOs, institutions, psychological support services and legal aid). Within the individual psychological support 10 services of empowering women were provided (after the loss of a close family member, overcoming panic attacks, anxiety, depression and fear) and 4 consultations with a lawyer (labor relations domain).

The beneficiaries addressed the center in the highest percentage via phone (62%), less via email (15%) and social networks on Facebook, Instagram, ZOOM (15%), Viber and SMS (8%). Communication by phone is for most Info center users the most efficient way to get fast and reliable information, especially when it comes to users who use the Internet and social networks to a lesser extent.

The highest number of users are from urban areas (22) and a smaller number are from rural areas (3). The calls were from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Cacak, Kikinda, Novi Grad (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lazarevac, Takovo and Begec.

The services of the Info Center of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA are available to users every working day from 9 until 4 p.m. by calling 066/447-040 (call, Viber, SMS), via email, Facebook account @izkrugavojvodina and Instagram account @iz_kruga_vojvodina.

The work of The Info Center of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA in the third trimester of 2022 is supported by the Dutch foundation Mama Cash and Reconstruction Women’s Fund.

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