Annual Award for Gender Equality to the Organization … IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA

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The Committee on the Economy, Employment and Gender Equality of the province Vojvodina is rewarding individuals (citizens) and organizations (associations of citizens, organizations and companies) for work in the area of gender equality.

With their actions, laureates continually contributed to a democratic society and made visible results in accomplishing equal opportunities for men and women in all areas: work and employment, political and public life, social and health care, education, informing, culture and sport.

The annual Award for gender equality has been rewarded since 2003. It’s goal is to enhance the visibility of the work individuals and organizations do in improving gender equality. It points out the importance of the equality principle as a foundation for building a democratic society and approaching the European course. The Gender Equality Council makes nominations in both categories and the Government of the Province Vojvodina decides about awardees. The award consists of a diploma, a statue and prize money.

In the individual category, the award was given to Ksenija Vlaovic, an entrepreneur from Novi Sad and to … IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA for the organizations.

The organization is rewarded for specific contributions to achieving the policy of equal possibilities for women with disabilities in social care, informing, educating and protecting women with disabilities from domestic violence. In detailed explanation as the reasons for the award is the unique research about the sexuality of women with motor disability the organization carried through the previous year and the first steps for founding the disability feminist studies at the Novi Sad University.

The work of the Organization …IZ KRUGA -VOJVODINA is recognized as a courageous, innovative development program politics for gender equality. Its particular value is affirming the social model of disability and valuing diversity.

The award ceremony is happening in the lobby of the Provincial Government on Thursday, December 10. 2015. at 14h. 

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