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Ivana Zelic, coordinator of the SOS service of the Organization … IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA, was a guest lecturer at the training of the Creative Affirmative Organization PARNAS within the project Catch the film – let go of prejudice 3. The training was held at the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad, October 28, 2020 in 18 hours.

Ivana Zelic spoke about her experience in working with women with disabilities and the most common stereotypes that society has towards women with disabilities. She pointed out that violence against women is still invisible and that it is often not recognized by professionals.

The project Catch the film – let go of prejudice 3, is being held for the third year in a row in Novi Sad high schools and faculties, and it is aimed at breaking down prejudices and stereotypes towards people with disabilities. The goal of the project is to prevent discrimination against socially vulnerable groups of young people and to affirm film as a means of education to achieve social change.

The president of PARNAS and the organizer of the education, Milesa Milinkovic, spoke about stereotypes towards people with disabilities, why are often perceived powerless or superheroes when they succeed (graduated from college, employed, married and having children). She especially emphasized why it is important to talk about people with disabilities from the aspect of the social model and about the use of appropriate terminology.

Students of Special Education and Rehabilitation, had the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of disability and discrimination of persons with disabilities, through the screening of 5 films from the festival Catch the film. The following films were shown: Ambrose’s Life Tricks (Montenegro), Unforgettable (Italy), Free Fall (Canada), Viki and Liberation (Poland).

Photo: Participants in the training Catch the film

Special attention is given to specific topics within disability, and those are sexuality of women with disabilities and violence against women with disabilities.

I am very satisfied with the education. Participants had theoretical knowledge on these topics, but they had no opportunity to hear more about the topics of sexuality and violence against women with disabilities. There are frequent statements that the topics of sexuality and violence are little present in the education system and the media – says Ivana.

Education also sensitizes teaching staff to encourage the social inclusion of vulnerable groups and eliminate discrimination, which encourages these aspects to be applied in working with young people.
The training was moderated by Marijana Ramic, coordinator of PR activities of the Catch the Film Festival.

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