Info Center in the Second Quarter of 2022. Provided 151 Services

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Info Center of the Organization that supports women with disabilities IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA provides information to persons with disabilities, members of their families and citizens interested in the disability field about rights, benefits, services and existing support services for persons with disabilities.

In the period from April 1 to June 30, 2022. associates of the Info Center provided 151 services in total to 58 beneficiaries. The service was provided to 50 women (of which 45 applied for the first time) – 32 without disabilities, 16 with a physical disability, 2 with sensory and multiple disabilities and 8 men (6 without a disability and 2 with a physical disability). Persons without disabilities most often addressed the center to get information about rights and benefits for family members with disabilities (a call from parents for children with a physical, mental and intellectual disability, calls from children of parents with disabilities).

During this period associates of the Info Center provided most information services (117) about the rights in the social protection area (submitting the request for issuing persons with disabilities stickers), the pension – disability insurance (conditions for exercising the right to cash compensation for assistance and care of another person, rights to cash compensation in the case of personal bodily injury, work ability assessment and the possibility of employment of persons with disabilities), health protection (scheduling preventive gynecological check-ups for women with disabilities). In addition to information services, 26 services of referral to other institutions, organizations and support services were provided (Police, Welfare Center, Women’s Safe House, community health center, The Pension – Disability Insurance Fund, National Employment Service, Bureau for the provision of free legal help, other non-government organizations, institutions, psychological support services and legal aid) and 8 consultations with a lawyer (on the conditions for exercising the right to an allowance for assistance and care of another person, providing support in exercising the right to health and technical aids).

Most often beneficiaries addressed the Info Center by phone (62%), and less via social network Facebook and Instagram (16%), e-mail (15%), Viber and SMS (6%) and the least by coming personally (1%). Phone communication has been and still is the most efficient way to get fast and reliable informati on for most beneficiaries, especially for those that use the internet and social networks less.

Most beneficiaries come from cities and suburban areas (55), and fewer from rural areas (3). In addition to numerous calls from Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Veternik, Ledinci, Backi Jarak, Sirig, Pancevo), calls from other places in Serbia were recorded (Belgrade, Raska, Nis, Kukljin -Krusevac) and from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Poland.

Compared to the first quarter of 2022. an increase in the number of services provided by (54) was recorded and the number of users by (19) which we believe is due to higher promotion of the work of the Organization and the Info Center in the media and on social networks.

Services of the Info Center of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA are available every workday from 9-16 hours by phone on number 066/447-040 (call, Viber, SMS), by e-mail, Facebook account @izkrugavojvodina and Instagram account @iz_kruga_vojvodina. 

The work of the Info Center of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA in the first trimester of 2022. was supported by a
Dutch foundation Mama Cash and The Reconstruction Women’s Fund.

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