Svjetlana Timotic is among the Awardees of Susan Treadwell’s Memorial Award

Svjetlana Timotic, an executive director of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA, is one of sixteen European feminist activists to receive The Susan Treadwell’s Memorial Award.

The award was founded by The Mediterranean Women’s Fund in cooperation with The Open Society Foundation in memory of Susan Treadwell.

Susan Treadwell was fully committed to the intersectional and anti-racist feminist movement. In the various positions held by Susan Treadwell at the Open Society Foundation, she always paid special attention to defenders of women’s human rights, migrants and LGBTIQ+ communities. She did everything in her power to support them in their aspirations.

Memorial Award Susan Treadwell is a way to signify the contribution to the feminist movement of each recipient and to thank them for their immeasurable effort in defending women’s human rights in their countries. The award is monetary, intended as a personal recognition for the efforts and achievements of individual winners and is worth 9,900 €.

Sixteen feminist activists and leaders from various European countries have been chosen for The Memorial Susan Treadwell Award, three of them from France and Poland, two from Italy and Spain, and one from Ukraine, Germany, Armenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia respectively.

Susan Treadwell’s Award-winning ceremony took place on June 26 2024 on the hour and a half-online meeting that started at 4 p.m. An initiative to award the Susan Treadwell Memorial Award of the Mediterranean Women’s Fund and the Open Society Foundation was presented at the ceremony, followed by short speeches from every of the awardees.

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