Media Award for Tolerance Awarded to a Portal Disability Journalist

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The annual conference, organized on the occasion of November 16th, International Day for Tolerance, presented the results of the project Capacity Building of Institutions and Organizations in Serbia in the Field of Human Rights and the Prohibition of Discrimination.

The Equal Protection Commissioner, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission and the Government of Great Britain’s Good Governance Fund, was the organizer of the conference. This year, the Annual Journalism Awards for Tolerance, jointly awarded by the Commissioner for Equality Protection and the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, have traditionally been presented.

Marijana Canak, a journalist with the Portal on Disability, was awarded the second prize for a text on women’s health care in institutions.
Getting in is Easy, Getting Out – Very Difficult: Marijana Ristić on Living in Residential Institutions in Serbia. The meeting was attended by representatives of state and other public authorities, embassies and international organizations in the Republic of Serbia, non-governmental organizations and the media. Introductory speeches and awards were broadcast directly by Radio Television of Serbia.

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