IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA at the Founding Assembly of Women against Violence Network

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A Founding Assembly of the Alliance of Nongovernmental Organizations – Women against Violence Network took place in Hotel Moxy in Belgrade on May 17, 2023.

After eighteen years of functioning informally, the Women Against Violence Network is currently entering the official registration process.

Namely, the informal Women Against Violence Network originated in 2005 when women’s associations that honor feminist values and principles united voluntarily around issue reducing violence against women with aim to connect and empower specialized women’s organizations that provide services to women survivors of violence. Until 2018 Autonomous Women’s Center from Belgrade coordinated the network, and then decentralization started. From that moment, The Network is organized regionally based on territorial principles. It functions through work in six regions: Vojvodina, Jug (South), Nisavsko-Pcinjski, Central Serbia, Southwestern Serbia, and Belgrade.

The Alliance of nongovernmental organizations Women Against Violence Network, founds twenty-eight women’s organizations. The head office of the Women Against Violence Network is in Kraljevo, and the first president is Dragana Veljovic.

The Statute was adopted at the Founding Assembly, which states that the Alliance is establishing to achieve the following goals: 

  • Prevention and protection of women from all types of gender-based violence manifested as a violation of women’s human rights and type of discrimination against women, and cause of forestalling the advancement of women in all spheres of life. 
  • Connecting and strengthening member organizations by creating conditions for information and experiences exchange, joint action, and building capacities of some members for growth and development. 

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