…Iz Kruga – Vojvodina participated in the workshop: Violence against women and health

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Representatives of the Organization …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA, Ivana Zelic, coordinator of the SOS service and Miladinka Mijatovic, consultant on the SOS phone, participated in the online workshop Violence against women and health. The workshop was held on Tuesday, March 9, from 7 to 9 pm, via the Zoom application.

On the occasion of marking the International Women’s Day, EU info point Novi Sad and EU info point Nis, in cooperation with the Autonomous Women’s Center, organized an online conversation on the topic of violence against women and the impact on their healt

The workshop was led by psychologist Tanja Ignjatovic, in front of the Autonomous Women’s Center in Belgrade. In addition to individual consulting work with women with experience of violence, she coordinates training programs for representatives of institutions, research, policy analysis and advocacy. Her main areas of expertise are gender-based violence against women in intimate partnerships, the institutional response to violence against women and domestic violence, child abuse against mothers who have experienced violence, gender equality policies in education programs, and the education system’s response to gender-based violence.

,The topics of the workshop were: life in violence and psychological consequences on women and their environment, legal mechanisms for protecting women, the impact of violence on women’s health, strategies for overcoming and getting out of violence, introduction to opportunities for protection from violence and sources of support.

– Violence against women is a major social problem that threatens women’s right to a free and healthy life. Although women most often survive violence by husbands, intimate partners and other family members, the responsibility to react to violence lies with all members of society, because violence is not a private matter of an individual. By endangering the lives of women, violence makes it impossible to achieve general equality, development and peace in society – says Tanja Ignjatovic.

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