Imkaan Representatives Visiting … Iz Kruga – Vojvodina

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Representatives of the Imkaan British organization Neha Kagal and Leah Cowan talked to the representatives of …IZ KRUGA – VOJVODINA organization yesterday.

Imkaan is a British umbrella organization with membership all over UK dealing in issues of black and minority women, as well as combating violence against women and girls in its various aspects (at home and in the family, forced marriages, sexual violence, crime of honor, etc.). Imkaan is a team working at international, national and local level, doing action and research studies, strategic advocacy and trainings.

The Imkaan representatives’ visit is one of the activities of the three-years’ Implementing Norms, Changing Minds program funded by the European Union and implemented by UN WOMEN. The program aims at combating gender-based discrimination and violence against women in Western Balkans and Turkey, with a special focus on the most vulnerable groups of women.

Within this program Imkaan works with UN WOMEN on providing support for establishment of a Regional Expert Group for Intersectional Discrimination and Violence against Women. The Regional Expert Group will offer women’s organizations from the Western Balkans region and Turkey a unique opportunity to negotiate with a wide spectrum of key actors, including the UN and Council of Europe, on issues of legislative reforms and policy development.

Imkaan organization is currently visiting organizations targeting multiply discriminated groups of women active in the Western Balkans and Turkey. The purpose of these visits is to better understand the existing approaches, needs and experience of various communities subject to multiple, intersectional forms of vulnerability and marginalization, gaps and obstacles in support provision, as well as types of problems and groups of population these women’s organizations are supporting.

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