The First Generation of an Educational Program DISABILITY TODAY Enrolled

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IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA enrolled 30 students in the Non-formal educational program of disability studies DISABILITY TODAY. Total of 15 students will attend the program in person, and 15 will participate online.

All the attendees will get detailed instructions about participation in the Non-formal educational program of disability studies DISABILITY TODAY via email by 17:00 on Monday, April 1, 2024.

The non-formal educational program of disability studies DISABILITY TODAY includes knowledge acquisition from contemporary theory and methodology of disability studies, familiarizing with the experiences of living with disability, and the employment of gained knowledge in current activities and research in local communities directed towards enhancing the visibility of the contribution of women and men with disabilities in cultural, artistic, scientific, political, and social life; mapping obstacles persons with disabilities face in exercising their rights, promotion of rights and capacities of the persons with disabilities community to realize their rights.

All those who successfully complete the program:

  • will be able to define critical disability studies;
  • will know to recognize disability as a social phenomenon;
  • will be informed about the development of the movement for the rights of persons with disabilities and the philosophy of independent life;
  •  will get familiar with the international and national legal framework that promotes and ensures the rights of persons with disabilities and socio-economic equality for persons with disabilities;
  • will be able to recognize concepts of segregation, integration, inclusion, and Design for All in the world that surrounds them;
  • will be able to analyze discrimination and resistance to disability in a legal, medical, educational, and work-related context, as well as culture, art, and media; 
  • will be able to present the contribution of prominent men and women with disabilities from the region and the world;
  • will be able to interpret disability policy in the lived experiences of disability;
  •  will get to know about the personal experiences of persons with disabilities, particularly of women with disabilities, in the domain of sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence. 

The program will be realized from April 4 to June 20, 2024. It will take 32 lessons organized into 8 modules. After each module, the Disability Portal will publish articles dedicated to the topics covered, which will enable the general public to also gain knowledge in the domain of disability studies.

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