SOS Phone Service in the Second Trimester of 2022. provided 206 Services

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Associates of the SOS service of IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA provided 206 services in total from April 1 to June 30, 2022. for 25 beneficiaries (15 of which phoned for the first time) from that 152 were specialized services of the SOS consultant support, 32 were individual psychological support and 22 were consultations with a lawyer.

The highest percentage of services were via phone calls (60%), Viber messages, e-mail and SMS (21%) and by personal contact in the Organization (19%).

Out of 152 specialized services of consultant SOS support, 51 were providing information (procedures for reporting violence and the actions of competent institutions for protection against domestic violence, conditions for accommodation in the Safe House, the cycle of violence, providing individual psychological support and legal counseling services to women exposed to domestic violence, the procedure for obtaining custody of a minor child, divorce proceedings, division of spouse’s property). In addition to information services, 52 empowering services were provided (psychological support due to a lack of confidence, emphasized self-criticism, during the drafting of a safety plan for getting out of violence, not paying the allowance, during the court procedure for obtaining custody of a minor child and not paying the allowance), 31 consulting service for scheduling psychological support and 18 referrals to other services, institutions and NGOs for protection from domestic violence (legal counseling, psychological support, police, Welfare Center, Woman’s Safe House, Center for emotional support and suicide prevention Srce, Association Restart). Also 22 consultation services with a lawyer were provided (on the division of marital property, failure to provide maintenance in the proceeding which is conducted due to domestic violence, divorce, determination of a temporary measure for the independent exercise of parental rights, implementing measures of corrective supervision).

Among the beneficiaries that received in the second quarter of 2022. the services within the SOS service of the Organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA, 12 were women with a type of disability (physical, sensory, intellectual, mental and chronic disease) and 13 were women without a disability. Women that addressed the Organization for support were of different age groups, the youngest being 22 and the oldest being 82. Women from urban areas (18) turned to the SOS service for support more often compared to women from rural areas (7). Along with many calls from urban and suburban environments (Novi Sad, Belgrade, Stara Pazova, Kula, Ruma), calls were also recorded from rural areas (Futog, Cortanovci, Zarkovac, Doljevac, Debeljaca, Crvenka and Sirig).

The highest number of women were exposed to psychological (23), physical (9) and economic violence (8), followed by other kinds of violence (persecution, isolation, control and sexual violence). The perpetrators are often husbands, ex-husbands, partners, parents, acquaintances, neighbors, employers and other family members (stepfathers).

Most of the women who were exposed to violence turned to the service on their own. Only four calls were from the other party in the name of women exposed to violence (associates from different organizations and institutions for beneficiaries with disabilities exposed to violence).

The work of the SOS service of the Organization IZ KRUGA VOJVODINA in the second quarter of 2022. was supported by the Dutch foundation Mama Cash and the Reconstruction Women’s Fund.

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